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Meiyo 17 Earns Bronze at IWSC's 2019 Award Show

Meiyo 17, single grain aged whisky, entered into IWSC's 2019 competition and won bronze. This is the very first of many competitions Meiyo is competing in this year, so stay tuned!

Judges Tasting Notes

A perfumey, rich and woody nose, Ripe pears and quite earthy with some lingering spices.

Where you can try:

Meiyo 17 is available in over 350 locations as of today. Ranging from Costco locations on the west coast to liquor stores across the country to your favorite Japanese restaurant. If you don't have Bushido whisky at your favorite liquor store, just ask them to reach out to us and we will have you stocked shortly, but in the mean time visit our home page and see our current active map that will show you all of the current options closest to you! Cheers!


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