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Meiyo Named One of The Five Whiskies From Around The World To Try Right Now

Japan. It’s been the home of a feverish whisky industry over the past decade or so, and despite rumblings of a whisky drought and a scene in serious peril (due to the unexpected boom in interest in Japanese spirits), there are some distilleries still ticking all the right boxes, and ensuring fans are getting their fix. Meiyo Honor is the perfect solution for those Japanese whisky fans mourning the disappearance of Hakushu and Yamazaki 12 from their shelves, and despite being a rice whisky – something which, historically, hasn’t had much of a following in the West – it’s a deeply pleasing release that’s guaranteed to impress.

Aged in Bourbon barrels for sweetness and smoothness, Meiyo Honor explodes with subtle and boisterous flavours on the tongue, and possesses a silkiness that Japanese whiskies exhibit in spades. While it might not be the cheapest option on this list by a long stretch, it’s an absolute steal for a top-notch Japanese whisky in 2019.


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