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Bushido's Go Fund Me for Bartenders Emergency Assistance Program

We are all facing the unknown with the spread of COVID-19, and we believe those who can help should. Thus our thoughts and concerns turn to the health a safety of our communities around the globe. We are committed to using our resources to make a dent in this epidemic and support those in need more, our stores, our distributors, our bartenders, our health care professionals, and all those affected by this virus.

In doing so, we not only continue to employ our ENTIRE staff, but we are also working around the clock finding and sourcing key materials such as sanitizers, and bringing in tens of thousands of N-95 masks for those in need. Progression on these will be published shortly, but in the mean time we all turn to you. Bartenders are the backbone of this industry and are truly in trouble, to combat this we created a GoFund me to raise money for the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. We ask and challenge our fellow importers and distributors to match our donation of 2k to our campaign for our Bartenders AND do everything they can to bring in and source key materials such as our efforts to bring in 100k N-95 masks. So if you have the means in a time like this, we believe with your support and our own personal donations, we can do something to support those who supported all of us so greatly these past few years. We are doing everything we can as a team to fight this together, and we wish everyone reading this nothing but the best of health in a unchartered time like this.

-Bushido Team & Aiko Importers Inc.


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